Eventually, the question you ask stops being "Who is John Galt?" and becomes "When will John Galt shut up?"

If you have no idea what a furry is, read this.

What is Vivisector?

Vivisector is an organization of members and forums gathered to discuss and share news about the furry subculture.

Why was it created?

By the year 2007 the Internet in general seemed to have grown jaded with the furries. Discussion sites like Portal of Evil and Something Awful had lost interest. The few outside the culture who were new to the furry thing lacked the attention span to realize furries are really interesting, and are much more than people who want to violate the family pet while wearing an animal costume. (That doesn't really happen, you know.) The furries themselves had whitewashed pretty much all information about themselves. There was demand for a middle ground.

Is it a furry community?

Yes and no. We like furries. We really celebrate the culture and its quirks as beautiful things. If furries didn't exist (or were much more "mundane") we'd be denied a lot. Vivisector exists for amusement and information, and this includes refuting the mistruths spread by anti-furries and furries. Our members are furries, anti-furries, ex-furries, postfurries, nonfurries, and other yet more random little compartments of sociology.

What can I offer?

We're looking for current events, exceptionally interesting artwork (good or bad), odd stories about the furries, history, opinion pieces, whatever. Anyone can contribute or reply, regardless of involvement with the animal people.

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